More Than Splits: Fastest Brazilian at Tokyo Marathon

On March 5th, 2023, Marcelo Avelar completed the Tokyo Marathon in a time of 2:31:40. This time resulted in Marcelo clocking the fastest time from any Brazilian runner! While Marcelo’s time is extremely impressive, there is a lot that goes into a performance far before an athlete ever toe’s the line. Sit back and enjoyContinue reading “More Than Splits: Fastest Brazilian at Tokyo Marathon”

POD 2 Metrics for Increased Performance

As you begin to run with your POD 2, you are likely to notice advanced metrics displayed depending on its wearing location. What do they mean? How can they help you? Can they limit your chances of injury? There are many questions that surround running dynamic metrics. For a better understanding of these metrics andContinue reading “POD 2 Metrics for Increased Performance”

Kipchoge’s World Record: Inside The Numbers

Eliud Kipchoge is the greatest marathoner of all time. Having won the past two olympic gold medals, and holding the previous official marathon world record (Berlin 2018: 2:01:39), we have now witnessed another moment that pushes human limits. On Sunday, September 25th 2022, Kipchoge set a new world record in the time of 2:01:09. WithContinue reading “Kipchoge’s World Record: Inside The Numbers”

Fatigue Management for Optimal Performance

At the elite level of human performance metrics, training load and fatigue management become the difference between winning and a dreaded second place. Keeping track of all this information can be tough. Your COROS device will help keep you on track and ready for your next PR!  Fatigue Fatigue, on the physiological level, is theContinue reading “Fatigue Management for Optimal Performance”

Indoor Training Workouts That Improve Performance

“Getting to the gym 2-3 times each week will go a long way towards injury prevention and ensuring you remain strong throughout your season.“ As the weather gets colder, training outdoors for long hours becomes challenging. While you may be training indoors, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. There are multiple ways toContinue reading “Indoor Training Workouts That Improve Performance”