Más que parciales: Análisis de la Zegama-Aizkorri 2023

“Zegama es Zegama, no la hacen los corredores, sino todo el público y toda la organización los que hacen que sea una carrera especial” – Kilian Jornet Zegama es una de las mejores carreras de trail maratón del mundo. Desde 2002, el ganador ha sido coronado con una txapela y un hacha para exhibir enContinue reading “Más que parciales: Análisis de la Zegama-Aizkorri 2023”

More Than Splits: 2023 Zegama-Aizkorri Race Analysis

“Zegama is Zegama, is not made by the runners, but by the entire public and the entire organization that make it a special race” – Kilian Jornet Zegama is one of the best trail marathon races in the world. Since 2002, the winner has been crowned with a txapela and an axe to display inContinue reading “More Than Splits: 2023 Zegama-Aizkorri Race Analysis”

More Than Splits: Fastest French Female at Paris Marathon

On April 2th, 2023, Anaïs Quemener completed the Paris Marathon in a time of 2:32:12, which resulted in Anaïs clocking the the fastest time from any french female runner! After going through cancer treatments in 2015, Anaïs now works as a caregiver in the emergency room during the night while maintaining a high-volume training duringContinue reading “More Than Splits: Fastest French Female at Paris Marathon”

La Française la plus rapide au Marathon de Paris

Le 2 avril 2023, Anaïs Quemener a terminé le Marathon de Paris en 2:32:12, ce qui a permis à Anaïs de terminer première Française ! Après avoir subi des traitements contre le cancer en 2015, Anaïs travaille maintenant en tant qu’aide-soignante aux urgences tout en maintenant un volume d’entraînement élevé la journée. Voyons ce queContinue reading “La Française la plus rapide au Marathon de Paris”

More Than Splits: Sunmaya Shines at COROS 50k

As one of the top female athletes within ultra-running, Sunmaya continues to demonstrate her overall fitness and ability. Over the past two weeks, Sunmaya has set a 40 minute course record at The North Face 50k, along with placing top female (only seconds away from overall win) at the COROS 50k in Hong Kong. AtContinue reading “More Than Splits: Sunmaya Shines at COROS 50k”

COROS Coaches: Effort Pace Workouts

As part of our COROS Coaches initiative, we received multiple questions regarding further clarification on structured workouts and intensity types, and how to best utilize them for during training. Let’s take a dive into our analysis so you can benefit from our coaching insight and improve your own training journey! The topic breakdown is followed by ourContinue reading “COROS Coaches: Effort Pace Workouts”

L’Allure d’effort personnalisée

Inscription à la bêta publique Pour t’inscrire au test bêta public, suis les étapes ci-dessous : Une métrique personnalisée pour TOI ! Dans le cadre de l’introduction de l’allure d’effort personnalisée, il est important que les athlètes comprennent comment cette métrique pourra les aider au mieux. Actuellement, dans le monde de l’entraînement, il existe desContinue reading “L’Allure d’effort personnalisée”

El Ritmo Esfuerzo se personaliza

Una métrica a su medida A medida que nos embarcamos en la introducción del Ritmo Esfuerzo Personalizado, es importante que los atletas entiendan cómo les ayudará esta métrica. Actualmente, en el mundo del entrenamiento, existen métricas para controlar tu rendimiento absoluto, pero nada que tenga en cuenta los factores externos y cómo se relacionan contigo.Continue reading “El Ritmo Esfuerzo se personaliza”

Effort Pace Becomes Personalized

As we embark on the journey of evolving Effort Pace, it’s important for athletes to understand how this metric will best help them. Currently, in the training world, there are metrics to monitor your absolute output, but nothing that takes into account outside factors and how they relate to you. Running Power can be limitedContinue reading “Effort Pace Becomes Personalized”

Effort Pace: How Best to Measure Running Effort

At COROS, our mission is to create the best sports technology to help athletes improve their performance. While our primary focus is on performance, we also want to ensure our products are simple to use to help athletes focus entirely on their goals. To highlight our mission, we have developed the lightest and longest-lasting GPSContinue reading “Effort Pace: How Best to Measure Running Effort”