Fatigue Management for Optimal Performance

At the elite level of human performance metrics, training load and fatigue management become the difference between winning and a dreaded second place. Keeping track of all this information can be tough. Your COROS device will help keep you on track and ready for your next PR!  Fatigue Fatigue, on the physiological level, is theContinue reading “Fatigue Management for Optimal Performance”

Active Calories vs. RMR

Active Calories On your COROS app dashboard you can see active calories burned throughout the day. This does not take into consideration what you burn throughout the day just to stay alive. This is the amount of intentional activity throughout the day and what your body has utilized as far as energy. Active calories areContinue reading “Active Calories vs. RMR”

Multiple Peaks: Perform Now and Later

Elite level athletes and weekend warriors alike have to plan to perform at their highest level multiple times throughout the year. For the weekend warrior this might be two big events per season. For an elite level athlete this could be events like the Olympics and World Championships happening just a few months apart. AthletesContinue reading “Multiple Peaks: Perform Now and Later”

Super Screen Time Means Less Than Super Performance

With the Super Bowl right around the corner we may need to adjust our weekend activity. Be mindful of how harmful screen time and sitting for too long can be for your overall health.  People all around the world will be sitting down on Sunday to watch the Los Angeles Rams take on the CincinnatiContinue reading “Super Screen Time Means Less Than Super Performance”

Sleep and How it Impacts Performance

How well do you sleep? How well do you perform? Do you have an injury? The relationship between sleep performance and athletic success is significant and should not be ignored by motivated athletes.   Stages of Sleep We have all heard that we should be getting 6-8 hours of sleep per night, but do youContinue reading “Sleep and How it Impacts Performance”