Evitar lesiones: Cómo gestionar la carga de entrenamiento

Aunque el entrenamiento puede proporcionar muchos cambios positivos para su salud física y mental, también abre la posibilidad de sufrir lesiones cuando se exagera. Como dice el refranero, “demasiado de algo bueno puede ser malo”. Esto también es válido para el entrenamiento, ya que muchos deportistas pueden entrenar en exceso cuando pretenden alcanzar un objetivoContinue reading “Evitar lesiones: Cómo gestionar la carga de entrenamiento”

Éviter les blessures : comment gérer la Charge d’entraînement

Si l’entraînement peut apporter de nombreux changements positifs à votre santé physique et mentale, il ouvre également la voie à des risques de blessures en cas d’excès. Comme le dit le vieil adage, “l’excès d’une bonne chose peut être néfaste”. Cela vaut également pour l’entraînement, car de nombreux athlètes risquent de se surentraîner lorsqu’ils cherchentContinue reading “Éviter les blessures : comment gérer la Charge d’entraînement”

Avoiding Injury: How to Manage Training Load

While training can provide many positive changes for your physical and mental health, it also opens the possibility of injury when overdone. As the old saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”. This holds true for training as many athletes may overtrain when aiming to achieve an ambitious objective.Continue reading “Avoiding Injury: How to Manage Training Load”

Recovery: Heading towards OFF-season

Whether you are aiming for a podium, a personal best, or simply following the pack, recovery is an important aspect to consider for all runners after a particularly big effort day. As you may be heading towards your off-season, here are some aspects to consider for a best transition into the next racing season. WhatContinue reading “Recovery: Heading towards OFF-season”

POD 2 Metrics for Increased Performance

As you begin to run with your POD 2, you are likely to notice advanced metrics displayed depending on its wearing location. What do they mean? How can they help you? Can they limit your chances of injury? There are many questions that surround running dynamic metrics. For a better understanding of these metrics andContinue reading “POD 2 Metrics for Increased Performance”

Cross-Training for Runners

Running is simple. Lace up your shoes, start your watch, and go! For many runners, this is what keeps the sport enjoyable and easy to replicate. While there is nothing better than going out for your normal daily run, as the old saying goes, too much of anything can be bad. This notion holds trueContinue reading “Cross-Training for Runners”

Sleep and How it Impacts Performance

How well do you sleep? How well do you perform? Do you have an injury? The relationship between sleep performance and athletic success is significant and should not be ignored by motivated athletes.   Stages of Sleep We have all heard that we should be getting 6-8 hours of sleep per night, but do youContinue reading “Sleep and How it Impacts Performance”