Evitar lesiones: Cómo gestionar la carga de entrenamiento

Aunque el entrenamiento puede proporcionar muchos cambios positivos para su salud física y mental, también abre la posibilidad de sufrir lesiones cuando se exagera. Como dice el refranero, “demasiado de algo bueno puede ser malo”. Esto también es válido para el entrenamiento, ya que muchos deportistas pueden entrenar en exceso cuando pretenden alcanzar un objetivoContinue reading “Evitar lesiones: Cómo gestionar la carga de entrenamiento”

Éviter les blessures : comment gérer la Charge d’entraînement

Si l’entraînement peut apporter de nombreux changements positifs à votre santé physique et mentale, il ouvre également la voie à des risques de blessures en cas d’excès. Comme le dit le vieil adage, “l’excès d’une bonne chose peut être néfaste”. Cela vaut également pour l’entraînement, car de nombreux athlètes risquent de se surentraîner lorsqu’ils cherchentContinue reading “Éviter les blessures : comment gérer la Charge d’entraînement”

Avoiding Injury: How to Manage Training Load

While training can provide many positive changes for your physical and mental health, it also opens the possibility of injury when overdone. As the old saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”. This holds true for training as many athletes may overtrain when aiming to achieve an ambitious objective.Continue reading “Avoiding Injury: How to Manage Training Load”

Découvrez les données derrière la performance de Joe Klecker sur 5000 mètres en 12:54.

Le 27 janvier 2023, Joe Klecker a couru 12:54.99 au 5 000 mètres lors du Boston University Terrier Invite. Cette performance fait de lui le 4e Américain le plus rapide de tous les temps et le 7e au monde sur une piste en salle. Bien que Klecker ne soit pas étranger aux temps rapides surContinue reading “Découvrez les données derrière la performance de Joe Klecker sur 5000 mètres en 12:54.”

More Than Splits: See the Data Behind Joe Klecker’s 12:54 5000m Performance

On January 27th, 2023, Joe Klecker ran 12:54.99 in the 5,000m (4:09/mi) at the Boston University Terrier Invite. His performance ranked him as the 4th fastest American ever and 7th fastest in the world on an indoor track. Although Klecker is no stranger to fast times on the track, having made an Olympic Team inContinue reading “More Than Splits: See the Data Behind Joe Klecker’s 12:54 5000m Performance”

Dave Proctor’s Trans-Canadian Record: Inside the Data

4448.67 miles. This is the distance recorded by Dave Proctor’s VERTIX 2 GPS Watch. While this would be a long, non-stop flight for many, it’s the actual distance Dave Proctor ran between May 15th, 2022 through July 21st, 2022. Starting in Newfoundland, Dave ran for 67 days, 10 hours and 27 minutes before finally settingContinue reading “Dave Proctor’s Trans-Canadian Record: Inside the Data”

Fatigue Management for Optimal Performance

At the elite level of human performance metrics, training load and fatigue management become the difference between winning and a dreaded second place. Keeping track of all this information can be tough. Your COROS device will help keep you on track and ready for your next PR!  Fatigue Fatigue, on the physiological level, is theContinue reading “Fatigue Management for Optimal Performance”

Overreaching Vs. Overtraining

“Within the EvoLab, there are several ways the watch can play a role in proper recovery.” With the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics, it’s hard not to imagine all the training each athlete has endured to prepare for this moment. Days, weeks, months, and even years of training take place. When dealing with training,Continue reading “Overreaching Vs. Overtraining”

Cycling To Improve Run Fitness

“Not only can you handle more training load, but you will also help balance your muscles through different movements.“ Are you looking to improve your run fitness? Have you increased your mileage? Have you run specific intervals? What about adding cycling? For many runners, adding an activity such as cycling, swimming, or rowing can helpContinue reading “Cycling To Improve Run Fitness”