Kipchoge’s World Record: Inside The Numbers

Eliud Kipchoge is the greatest marathoner of all time. Having won the past two olympic gold medals, and holding the previous official marathon world record (Berlin 2018: 2:01:39), we have now witnessed another moment that pushes human limits. On Sunday, September 25th 2022, Kipchoge set a new world record in the time of 2:01:09. WithContinue reading “Kipchoge’s World Record: Inside The Numbers”

Nutrition Breakdown for Ultra-Marathon Runners

The nutritional demands of ultra-marathon runners during training and racing play a large role in performance and recovery. A common challenge revolving around nutrition within these athletes is simply meeting the daily caloric demands that are essential for performance and recovery.1 Similar to a periodized training program, nutrition intake should be periodized in order toContinue reading “Nutrition Breakdown for Ultra-Marathon Runners”

Boston Marathon Analysis: Des Linden and Reed Fischer

Boston, one of the six major marathons. Not only is this one of the most prestigious races in the world, but it also brings out the largest names in all of professional running. What does it take to run in the professional field? How do they pace their efforts? What type of cadence do theyContinue reading “Boston Marathon Analysis: Des Linden and Reed Fischer”

Marathon Race Week Checklist

You have run the miles, you have planned the travel, you’re preparing for the race, it’s time to maximize your approach. Going into a major race, there are countless things on your mind. Let us help you with this checklist to ensure you get to the start line with the right mindset. Go through thisContinue reading “Marathon Race Week Checklist”