More Than Splits: Fastest Brazilian at Tokyo Marathon

On March 5th, 2023, Marcelo Avelar completed the Tokyo Marathon in a time of 2:31:40. This time resulted in Marcelo clocking the fastest time from any Brazilian runner! While Marcelo’s time is extremely impressive, there is a lot that goes into a performance far before an athlete ever toe’s the line. Sit back and enjoyContinue reading “More Than Splits: Fastest Brazilian at Tokyo Marathon”

Recovery: Heading towards OFF-season

Whether you are aiming for a podium, a personal best, or simply following the pack, recovery is an important aspect to consider for all runners after a particularly big effort day. As you may be heading towards your off-season, here are some aspects to consider for a best transition into the next racing season. WhatContinue reading “Recovery: Heading towards OFF-season”

Multiple Peaks: Perform Now and Later

Elite level athletes and weekend warriors alike have to plan to perform at their highest level multiple times throughout the year. For the weekend warrior this might be two big events per season. For an elite level athlete this could be events like the Olympics and World Championships happening just a few months apart. AthletesContinue reading “Multiple Peaks: Perform Now and Later”