More Than Splits: Fastest Brazilian at Tokyo Marathon

On March 5th, 2023, Marcelo Avelar completed the Tokyo Marathon in a time of 2:31:40. This time resulted in Marcelo clocking the fastest time from any Brazilian runner! While Marcelo’s time is extremely impressive, there is a lot that goes into a performance far before an athlete ever toe’s the line. Sit back and enjoyContinue reading “More Than Splits: Fastest Brazilian at Tokyo Marathon”

Avoiding Injury: How to Manage Training Load

While training can provide many positive changes for your physical and mental health, it also opens the possibility of injury when overdone. As the old saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”. This holds true for training as many athletes may overtrain when aiming to achieve an ambitious objective.Continue reading “Avoiding Injury: How to Manage Training Load”

More Than Splits: 5 Concepts From Kilian Jornet’s Off-Season Training

Regarded as the best mountain runner of all time, Kilian Jornet is often in the spotlight for his performances at Hardrock, UTMB, and other world-renowned events. While the industry becomes laser-focused on storylines during race season, it’s often what athletes do during their “off-season” that makes the difference. As we dig into Kilian’s “off-season” data,Continue reading “More Than Splits: 5 Concepts From Kilian Jornet’s Off-Season Training”

2022 COROS Data in Review

As COROS continues to grow its reach across the globe, athletes are interacting with it’s products in new and engaging ways! While the COVID-19 pandemic pushed more athletes into the wearable performance industry, COROS saw another year of steady increase amongst athletes training and the activities they performed. Here is the 2022 summary of COROSContinue reading “2022 COROS Data in Review”

COROS Coaches: Your Personal Training Support

All athletes have questions. Never let access to a coach be a barrier again! What Is COROS Coaches Types of Questions When athletes have questions, they should seek guidance. We aim to help with answers that are customized to YOU! What COROS Coaches Will NOT Provide While we are here to help you improve asContinue reading “COROS Coaches: Your Personal Training Support”

Drake University XC: Data for Improved Strength and Conditioning

When beginning talks with the Drake University Cross Country(XC) team, we spent plenty of time getting to know the entire coaching staff. This meant time with the head coach and assistant coach, but also time with the strength and conditioning (S&C) coach as well. Having a S&C coach that was in the earlier stages ofContinue reading “Drake University XC: Data for Improved Strength and Conditioning”

LA Marathon Training Guide

Running the LA Marathon and looking for guidance? You have come to the right place. Between COROS official training plans, LARR official plans, and COROS coaching corner, we’ve got you covered! Let us do the planning for you while you focus on training. All training plans have been designed to load directly into your TrainingContinue reading “LA Marathon Training Guide”

Effort Pace Becomes Personalized

As we embark on the journey of evolving Effort Pace, it’s important for athletes to understand how this metric will best help them. Currently, in the training world, there are metrics to monitor your absolute output, but nothing that takes into account outside factors and how they relate to you. Running Power can be limitedContinue reading “Effort Pace Becomes Personalized”

Effort Pace: How Best to Measure Running Effort

At COROS, our mission is to create the best sports technology to help athletes improve their performance. While our primary focus is on performance, we also want to ensure our products are simple to use to help athletes focus entirely on their goals. To highlight our mission, we have developed the lightest and longest-lasting GPSContinue reading “Effort Pace: How Best to Measure Running Effort”

COROS Training Hub: How The NN Running Team Analyzes Activities

Upon its release in January of 2022, The COROS Training Hub was designed to analyze athletic performance and allow coaches to organize their team in an easy to use platform. Since its beginning, both NN Running athletes and coaches have leveraged the platform to monitor daily sessions and long-term fitness trends. Utilizing this software, theContinue reading “COROS Training Hub: How The NN Running Team Analyzes Activities”