COROS Coaches: Effort Pace Workouts

As part of our COROS Coaches initiative, we received multiple questions regarding further clarification on structured workouts and intensity types, and how to best utilize them for during training. Let’s take a dive into our analysis so you can benefit from our coaching insight and improve your own training journey! The topic breakdown is followed by ourContinue reading “COROS Coaches: Effort Pace Workouts”

COROS Training Hub: How The NN Running Team Analyzes Activities

Upon its release in January of 2022, The COROS Training Hub was designed to analyze athletic performance and allow coaches to organize their team in an easy to use platform. Since its beginning, both NN Running athletes and coaches have leveraged the platform to monitor daily sessions and long-term fitness trends. Utilizing this software, theContinue reading “COROS Training Hub: How The NN Running Team Analyzes Activities”

Western States 100 Analysis: Hayden Hawks

The Western States 100. One of the premier ultra-running events on the global calendar each year. What does the course profile look like? How do elite athletes perform on this course? What are the demands on the body and how would an athlete prepare for such an attempt? Just a few days ago, COROS ProContinue reading “Western States 100 Analysis: Hayden Hawks”