As part of our new COROS Coaches service, we received quite a few questions on how to efficiently build a good aerobic base (or capacity) for the upcoming season. Below you will find our coaching insights on the matter as well as how to monitor this aspect through the Training Hub. If you would likeContinue reading “COROS COACHES: Aerobic Base”

More Than Splits: 5 Concepts From Kilian Jornet’s Off-Season Training

Regarded as the best mountain runner of all time, Kilian Jornet is often in the spotlight for his performances at Hardrock, UTMB, and other world-renowned events. While the industry becomes laser-focused on storylines during race season, it’s often what athletes do during their “off-season” that makes the difference. As we dig into Kilian’s “off-season” data,Continue reading “More Than Splits: 5 Concepts From Kilian Jornet’s Off-Season Training”

Multiple Peaks: Perform Now and Later

Elite level athletes and weekend warriors alike have to plan to perform at their highest level multiple times throughout the year. For the weekend warrior this might be two big events per season. For an elite level athlete this could be events like the Olympics and World Championships happening just a few months apart. AthletesContinue reading “Multiple Peaks: Perform Now and Later”