Avoiding Injury: How to Manage Training Load

While training can provide many positive changes for your physical and mental health, it also opens the possibility of injury when overdone. As the old saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”. This holds true for training as many athletes may overtrain when aiming to achieve an ambitious objective. With the goal of being healthy and working towards improvement, how do we ensure we don’t overwork. The answer is simple… COROS Training Load.

What is Training Load

Training Load is a metric associated with the intensity and duration of your workout. For every workout you perform using a COROS device, you will receive a value on your watch, App, or Training Hub right after! Check this number after each training session to gauge how stressful a workout was on your body.

How Do Overtraining Injuries Occur?

When athletes stress their bodies through training, they break down their muscles which requires recovery to adapt and strengthen. When ample time isn’t given to recover, athletes run the risk of straining their muscles or creating an imbalance (overworking one muscle group compared to another). When this is done over a prolonged period of time, it’s likely the athlete will become injured and require time off from their training routine.

COROS 7-Day Training Load

One great way to minimize overuse injuries is by monitoring your 7-day Training Load chart in the COROS App. This chart shows athletes their recommended Training Load for improvement, and where your training falls in comparison to our recommendation. If you’re constantly below the recommendation you aren’t doing enough for positive change. If you’re always above the recommendation, you may be at risk of injury if this continues.

More Information

If you’re interested in this metric and digging further into its benefits, give our Training Load: Metric for Success blog a read. Within this blog we aim to break down the metric and how it can be used within many portions of your fitness journey!

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