Effort Pace: How Best to Measure Running Effort

At COROS, our mission is to create the best sports technology to help athletes improve their performance. While our primary focus is on performance, we also want to ensure our products are simple to use to help athletes focus entirely on their goals. To highlight our mission, we have developed the lightest and longest-lasting GPSContinue reading “Effort Pace: How Best to Measure Running Effort”

Kilian Jornet’s UTMB Record Breaking Data

Starting in 2003, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) has been recognized as one of the largest ultra-marathon races in the world. Since its inception, nobody has run its full length faster than Kilian Jornet did on Aug 26-27th, 2022. With a time of 19:49:30, Kilian not only set a new record, but also established himselfContinue reading “Kilian Jornet’s UTMB Record Breaking Data”

Western States 100 Analysis: Hayden Hawks

The Western States 100. One of the premier ultra-running events on the global calendar each year. What does the course profile look like? How do elite athletes perform on this course? What are the demands on the body and how would an athlete prepare for such an attempt? Just a few days ago, COROS ProContinue reading “Western States 100 Analysis: Hayden Hawks”