Keep Up With Kipchoge: Unlock Your COROS Badges

As Eliud Kipchoge gets ready to run the historic Boston Marathon, you can now unlock badges in the COROS app if you’re able to run at his marathon pace! As of April 13th, instant pace, 200 meter, and 400 meter badges are within the COROS app and unlocked when any athlete runs at 2:52/km or 4:36/mile pace. Are you fast enough to keep up with Kipchoge?

How-To Unlock Your COROS Badges

Follow these step-by-step instructions to unlock your own piece of history!

#1 Hit “start” on a run, track run, or trail run.

#2 Aim to achieve Kipchoge’s pace for 1 meter, 200 meters, or 400 meters.

#3 Sync your run to the COROS app. If you’ve “Kept Up with Kipchoge”, a badge will automatically appear.

#4 Take a screenshot and share on social media while tagging @corosglobal.

Find these badges, and more within your COROS app. Go to the last tab and select “Personal Records”.

Keep Up With Kipchoge

As we recognize the fastest marathoner of all time, we want to provide all COROS athletes with their own award for matching his marathon pace! While you may not be able to run a full marathon at this effort, you can still feel the excitement and joy associated with 2:52/km, even if it’s only for a split second! Best of luck as you head out the door and continue to explore perfection.

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