COROS COACHES: Welcome to The Training Hub

Here at COROS, we are continuously seeking new ways to help you achieve your goals through a safe, optimized, and entirely individualized training journey. For us, it all starts with the Training Hub– our desktop platform designed to help you understand your past, analyze your present, and create your future through EvoLab, our integrated sportsContinue reading “COROS COACHES: Welcome to The Training Hub”

Introducción a las pruebas de condición física

En COROS, buscamos continuamente mejorar su experiencia como usuario, así como facilitar su entrenamiento a través de métricas y gráficos fáciles de entender. Por este motivo, nos gustaría presentar nuestro test de estado de carrera y de FC en reposo como parte de nuestras pruebas de condición física. Prueba de nivel de estado de carrera.Continue reading “Introducción a las pruebas de condición física”

Introducing Fitness Tests

At COROS, we are continuously looking to improve your experience as a user as well as facilitate your training journey through easy-to-understand metrics and graphs. This is why we would like to introduce our Running Fitness Test and Resting HR as part of our Fitness Tests. Running Fitness Test EvoLab uses the relationship between yourContinue reading “Introducing Fitness Tests”

COROS Coaches: Your Personal Training Support

All athletes have questions. Never let access to a coach be a barrier again! What Is COROS Coaches Types of Questions When athletes have questions, they should seek guidance. We aim to help with answers that are customized to YOU! What COROS Coaches Will NOT Provide While we are here to help you improve asContinue reading “COROS Coaches: Your Personal Training Support”

Fatigue and Recovery

“How many off-days does an athlete actually need to be fresh? That can be answered by predictive planning in the calendar view.“ Some athletes train for fitness. Others aim for new personal records. Whether you’re training based on time, distance, or training load, you will always be generating fatigue. Essentially, as athletes train, they createContinue reading “Fatigue and Recovery”

Cycling To Improve Run Fitness

“Not only can you handle more training load, but you will also help balance your muscles through different movements.“ Are you looking to improve your run fitness? Have you increased your mileage? Have you run specific intervals? What about adding cycling? For many runners, adding an activity such as cycling, swimming, or rowing can helpContinue reading “Cycling To Improve Run Fitness”