Pain: Your Greatest Challenge as an Endurance Athlete

Pain is an inevitable part of endurance-sport training and racing. From an evolutionary perspective, when humans felt pain on the Serengeti 250,000 years ago (when we first became Homo Sapiens), it was an essential tool for our survival, letting us know when our lives were in danger, thus ensuring that we propagated the species. Paradoxically,Continue reading “Pain: Your Greatest Challenge as an Endurance Athlete”

Anaerobic Into Threshold Development Workout

As you aim to develop your threshold abilities, there is a standard way of building this zone. Essentially, build time in your lactate threshold zone to help establish a higher output. While this is often the starting block, there is another way to truly maximize your threshold development within workouts. Workout: Anaerobic Intervals into ThresholdContinue reading “Anaerobic Into Threshold Development Workout”

Mental Imagery to Unlock Your Potential

“Simply by reproducing how they want to perform in their mind’s eye they are able to go harder, faster, and farther in their training and races.“ Would you believe me if I told you that there is a tool so powerful that it can help you develop yourself technically, tactically, mentally and physically. What ifContinue reading “Mental Imagery to Unlock Your Potential”

Cycling To Improve Run Fitness

“Not only can you handle more training load, but you will also help balance your muscles through different movements.“ Are you looking to improve your run fitness? Have you increased your mileage? Have you run specific intervals? What about adding cycling? For many runners, adding an activity such as cycling, swimming, or rowing can helpContinue reading “Cycling To Improve Run Fitness”