COROS Coaches: Fatigue Monitoring

As part of our COROS Coaches initiative, we recently received a question about Fatigue monitoring and its impact on training progression. Let’s take a dive into our analysis so you can benefit from our coaching insight and improve your own training journey! The topic breakdown is followed by our full coaches’ analysis and feedback onContinue reading “COROS Coaches: Fatigue Monitoring”

COROS Coaches: Your Personal Training Support

All athletes have questions. Never let access to a coach be a barrier again! What Is COROS Coaches Types of Questions When athletes have questions, they should seek guidance. We aim to help with answers that are customized to YOU! What COROS Coaches Will NOT Provide While we are here to help you improve asContinue reading “COROS Coaches: Your Personal Training Support”

Falcon Youth AAU Team: COROS Data Case-Study

Written by: Michael Vowell, Head Coach of Falcon Youth AAU I was taught a long time ago that truly successful people don’t just evaluate their failures, but also dissect their successes. That makes great sense because if you do something successfully, even if it was by accident, why not learn as much as you canContinue reading “Falcon Youth AAU Team: COROS Data Case-Study”

Endurokin Private Coaching: COROS Training Hub Case-Study

Written by: Tristan Hogue, Head Coach of Endurokin Coaching As a kinesiologist and mountain athlete, I’ve always loved to assist other athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to level up their game and best prepare for their objectives. For many years, I would use personal Excel sheets to monitor data for each athlete, regardless of the watchContinue reading “Endurokin Private Coaching: COROS Training Hub Case-Study”