COROS Coaches: Your Personal Training Support

Training is complicated and coaches can be expensive. We are setting out to solve this problem. Welcome to COROS Coaches!

“I missed last weeks training, what do I do now?”

What Is COROS Coaches

  • Coaching service for all COROS users
  • Receive personal feedback based on your COROS data
  • 1-on-1 conversations regarding your training/racing needs
  • Credentialed Coaches with over 25 years of combined experience

Types of Questions

When athletes have questions, they should seek guidance. We want to help with answers that are customized to YOU! A few examples of questions would be:

  • What should my fatigue be at prior to race day?
  • If I was sick last week, what should I do this week?
  • I have a goal of running a 3:30 marathon in October, How should I build to that?
  • Why is my threshold getting slower as I run longer?
  • What intensity should I train at given my goals?

What COROS Coaches Will NOT Provide

While we are here to help you improve as an athlete, we are not in fact your private coach. We will not input workouts or training plans on your calendar. We may recommend several official COROS workouts or training plans from our already established library, but we will not write programs on your calendar.

Process to Submit Training Questions

Send your training-related questions to


Schedule your 30-minute call below with one of our coaches.

  • Book a Time with Coach Tristan!
  • Book a Time with Coach David!

Athletes should expect to receive answers to their questions within one day of normal business hours (M-F 9-5PM Pacific)

*Must be a COROS user as our coaches will look at your COROS Training Hub data to provide personalized insights.

Your Coaches

Coach Derek: Having 10+ years of coaching with data experience, Derek has coached 25+ national champions in the sports of Track, XC, Triathlon, and Cycling. Derek obtained his Masters Degree in Coaching Sports Performance from Western Michigan University and now manages Sports Science Marketing at COROS.

Coach David: David is a experienced runner, with an all time marathon best of 2:29. The marathon can be a serious challenge, but with David’s years of coaching, training, and racing experience, backed by the sports science department and insights that COROS has to offer, he can help put you in the best position possible to have a successful training build and racing experience.

Coach Tristan: Tristan is an exercise physiologist with a Strength & Conditioning background at Olympic Team Canada. Currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from University of Calgary, Tristan now has extensive knowledge of physiology components which better allows him to aid athletic performance.


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