Molly Seidel’s 3 Ways to Start Running Farther

Molly Seidel came into running fame after making the jump to the Marathon distance in the Olympics. In her first-ever marathon, Molly placed second at the 2020 U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials. Later, she went on to win the bronze medal in her third career marathon at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo! While you mayContinue reading “Molly Seidel’s 3 Ways to Start Running Farther”

Nutrition Breakdown for Ultra-Marathon Runners

The nutritional demands of ultra-marathon runners during training and racing play a large role in performance and recovery. A common challenge revolving around nutrition within these athletes is simply meeting the daily caloric demands that are essential for performance and recovery.1 Similar to a periodized training program, nutrition intake should be periodized in order toContinue reading “Nutrition Breakdown for Ultra-Marathon Runners”

Ultra Running Guide: Your Steps to Success

Perhaps you’ve run a few half-marathons. You’ve possibly run a couple marathons. You’ve caught the running bug and are looking to run further. What is next? How do you go about longer runs? Let us guide you on all things needed for a successful transition to ultra running. Whether you’re targeting a 50k, 100 miler,Continue reading “Ultra Running Guide: Your Steps to Success”

Marathon Race Week Checklist

You have run the miles, you have planned the travel, you’re preparing for the race, it’s time to maximize your approach. Going into a major race, there are countless things on your mind. Let us help you with this checklist to ensure you get to the start line with the right mindset. Go through thisContinue reading “Marathon Race Week Checklist”

Energy Balance and Performance

Nutrition plays a vital role within our daily lives and performance. The type, amount, and timing of our food intake all have the potential to influence performance outcomes. Before we can dive into these aspects, it’s important to first understand energy balance and what macronutrients are.   Energy Balance Essentially, energy balance is related to bothContinue reading “Energy Balance and Performance”