Molly Seidel’s 3 Ways to Start Running Farther

Molly Seidel came into running fame after making the jump to the Marathon distance in the Olympics. In her first-ever marathon, Molly placed second at the 2020 U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials. Later, she went on to win the bronze medal in her third career marathon at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo!

While you may not be able to run as fast as Molly, there is no reason you can’t start running longer! Here are Molly’s top 3 tips to running farther.

Molly’s 3 Tips to Run Farther
  • Dial back the intensity. Trying to increase both intensity and mileage at once is a recipe for injury or burnout. Instead, focus on easily mileage first so you can be best prepared for those higher-intensity workouts later!
  • Learn to eat and run. As you increase running distance, you need proper fuelling to perform the best. Make sure to train your gut to eat while running to prevent an upset stomach or the dreaded bonk from a lack of energy!
  • Find your crew. Motivation can be hard to find when running alone. Join a group, find a local running store, or convince a friend to share some miles. After all, they may become as passionate about running as you are!
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