Physiological Factors Associated with Running

Running performance is determined by various physiological factors and overall training preparation. There are many physiological processes that are involved in performance during prolonged exercise. A few common physiological factors that are typically discussed when it comes to long-distance running are maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), running economy, and lactate threshold.1 These factors play a significant role inContinue reading “Physiological Factors Associated with Running”

Running Environments and Training-Related Factors

Running is a popular sport among multiple populations of people. Like other sports, there are several factors that have the potential to impact performance and the incident of injury while running. Examples of these factors include personal-related, training-related, and health-related factors.1 There are also several types of running surfaces to consider. Common surfaces consists ofContinue reading “Running Environments and Training-Related Factors”

Energy Balance and Performance

Nutrition plays a vital role within our daily lives and performance. The type, amount, and timing of our food intake all have the potential to influence performance outcomes. Before we can dive into these aspects, it’s important to first understand energy balance and what macronutrients are.   Energy Balance Essentially, energy balance is related to bothContinue reading “Energy Balance and Performance”

Psychological Responses During Injury Recovery

When injuries occur, several factors can influence the rehabilitation process and ultimately return to activity. It’s no secret that the physical aspect of injury recovery is important. This aspect is typically what most people think of during the injury recovery process. Another important component, that may get overlooked, is the psychological aspect of recovery. It’sContinue reading “Psychological Responses During Injury Recovery”

Overreaching Vs. Overtraining

“Within the EvoLab, there are several ways the watch can play a role in proper recovery.” With the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics, it’s hard not to imagine all the training each athlete has endured to prepare for this moment. Days, weeks, months, and even years of training take place. When dealing with training,Continue reading “Overreaching Vs. Overtraining”

Monitoring Hydration for Safety and Performance

“The ideal goal during activity, is to remain hydrated and avoid losing more than 2% of body mass.” It’s no secret that hydration plays an important role in our daily lives, but how exactly does it affect us? What happens when we aren’t properly hydrated? There are several benefits to an ideal hydration status, including maintaining athleticContinue reading “Monitoring Hydration for Safety and Performance”