Active Calories vs. RMR

Active Calories On your COROS app dashboard you can see active calories burned throughout the day. This does not take into consideration what you burn throughout the day just to stay alive. This is the amount of intentional activity throughout the day and what your body has utilized as far as energy. Active calories areContinue reading “Active Calories vs. RMR”

Energy Balance and Performance

Nutrition plays a vital role within our daily lives and performance. The type, amount, and timing of our food intake all have the potential to influence performance outcomes. Before we can dive into these aspects, it’s important to first understand energy balance and what macronutrients are.   Energy Balance Essentially, energy balance is related to bothContinue reading “Energy Balance and Performance”

Super Screen Time Means Less Than Super Performance

With the Super Bowl right around the corner we may need to adjust our weekend activity. Be mindful of how harmful screen time and sitting for too long can be for your overall health.  People all around the world will be sitting down on Sunday to watch the Los Angeles Rams take on the CincinnatiContinue reading “Super Screen Time Means Less Than Super Performance”