Endurokin Private Coaching: COROS Training Hub Case-Study

Written by: Tristan Hogue, Head Coach of Endurokin Coaching As a kinesiologist and mountain athlete, I’ve always loved to assist other athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to level up their game and best prepare for their objectives. For many years, I would use personal Excel sheets to monitor data for each athlete, regardless of the watchContinue reading “Endurokin Private Coaching: COROS Training Hub Case-Study”

Indoor Training Workouts That Improve Performance

“Getting to the gym 2-3 times each week will go a long way towards injury prevention and ensuring you remain strong throughout your season.“ As the weather gets colder, training outdoors for long hours becomes challenging. While you may be training indoors, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. There are multiple ways toContinue reading “Indoor Training Workouts That Improve Performance”