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As part of our new COROS Coaches service, we received a few questions regarding how to best implement track workouts and their value in a training schedule. Below you will find our coaching insights on the matter as well as some new track workouts!

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Track Vs. Road Runs

While road running remains the bread and butter of most runners out there, track runs have gained in popularity over the past few years. Here are 3 benefits from incorporating track workouts to your training schedule as a runner.

  • Accurate distance. With Track Mode, your COROS watch adjusts distance based on the line you pick, leading to a more accurate run workout when you need it the most.
  • Standardized environment. Sometimes, workouts require specific demands that a road adventure may not provide. For example, sprint intervals or 10k time trial are both workouts that could be influenced by either elevation or wind. The track then prevent those from altering your workout data.
  • Running community. A track is a great place to meet some like-minded people and challenge yourself with your local running group.
Distance accuracy with track run mode on your COROS watch

Have You Tried Our Track Run Mode Yet?

With Track Mode, simply pick up your lane and off you go! Your COROS watch will provide flawless distance accuracy so you can focus on your workout.

How to Structure Track Workouts?

Once you begin a new workout with Track mode, make sure to pick the correct lane in which you will be running. Here are 3 tips to consider when running on a track:

  • Use distance rather than time for your intervals so you can have quick and easy checkpoints every lap. You can also create distance or time alerts on your watch to stay on top of it.
  • Regardless of your workout type, keep moving during those recovery periods. One lap at low speed is usually a great way to keep your rest time structured.
  • Keep a close eye to your pace metric on your watch, which will adjust even faster when paired with the POD 2.
Track runs can be completed as a slow and social club run
Track runs can also be completed as higher-intensity sessions

New Track Workouts

We have released two new track workouts for you to download on your watch and try them out! Be prepared to experience a fun new way to increase intensity and improve your running performance!

  • Track Pyramid – Short Distance. This track workout focuses on short distances (in the Track & Field world) such as 200, 400, and 800m. You will find yourself running at supramaximal speed (above VO2max) for various distances in a pyramid setup.
  • Track Pyramid – Middle Distance. This track workout focuses on middle distance such as 1200m and 1600m. You will find yourself running at 5k race pace for various distances in a pyramid setup.

If you would like your own training questions answered, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to share insights!

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