COROS COACHES: Get Back on Track: 6-Week Beginner Friendly Training Plans

As part of our new COROS Coaches service, we received a few questions regarding how to build an aerobic base, while incorporating strength training . Below you will find our coaching insights on the matter and new 6-week plans to help you get started or fit training back into your lifestyle! Why Is It Important to BuildContinue reading “COROS COACHES: Get Back on Track: 6-Week Beginner Friendly Training Plans”

Strength Training Adaptations & Programming

Overview In order to maximize your strength training program, and subsequent running performance, it is important to take into account the overall layout of your program. In general athletes should consider a few things prior to beginning a strength training program, including: Strength training age & experience Strength training goals in relation to your runningContinue reading “Strength Training Adaptations & Programming”

Strength Training Overview For Runners

Strength training for runners is important for many aspects related to performance, health, and injury prevention. Two misconceptions with resistance training for runners are a decrease in running-specific performance, and the detrimental effect of increasing muscle mass. Thus, strength training is commonly neglected in a runners overall comprehensive performance program. Depending on what level ofContinue reading “Strength Training Overview For Runners”