2022 COROS Data in Review

As COROS continues to grow its reach across the globe, athletes are interacting with it’s products in new and engaging ways! While the COVID-19 pandemic pushed more athletes into the wearable performance industry, COROS saw another year of steady increase amongst athletes training and the activities they performed. Here is the 2022 summary of COROS data and how athletes are continuing to explore perfection!

Top Activity By Users: RUN

Run remained the top activity for COROS users. Perhaps no surprise here as COROS specializes in running metrics for road and trail athletes!

Eliud Kipchoge sets new marathon world record: Berlin 2022

Average number of runs per week: 1.88 per all COROS athletes

Average distance per week: 9.86 miles/15.86 kilometers per all COROS athletes

2021 vs 2022 Fitness Improvements!

Launched in 2022: COROS Training Hub provides athletes with better fitness insights!

While COROS specializes in wearable performance tracking, we also focus heavily on educating athletes on how to best maximize their training. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see that COROS athletes overall improved fitness throughout 2022!

Metric20212022% increase
Weekly Workouts1.771.9912%
Average Base Fitness43.6553.9124%
Avg Resting Heart Rate60.9156.85-7%
Avg VO2 max48.8349.92%
Marathon Level62.1662.891%

Job well done to the entire COROS community on collectively getting faster and building more fitness in 2022. Dropping Avg resting heart rate while increasing Avg VO2 shows a strong increase in cardio performance overall!

Other Notable Activity Metrics

Tommy Caldwell on El Capitan

While “Run” remains the largest activity of choice, many COROS athletes take advantage of the other 29 activities throughout the year as well. Here are notable activity metrics that we found inspiring!

Avg elevation gained in multi-pitch climb mode: 346.65m

  • This is some serious climbing!

Percentage of COROS athletes who performed a strength workout: 30%

  • Not only are we getting faster, but also stronger!

Percentage of COROS athletes who recorded a Triathlon: 2.06%

  • This number continues to grow as more Triathletes seek out COROS

What activity saw the highest % of increase from 2021 to 2022: Walk

  • Athletes are building awareness of how walking plays into their overall fitness

COROS Athletes Have the Need for Speed

Tom Court Windsurfing

While athletes love tracking their fitness, often times this means going faster! Regardless of the activity, we saw athletes pushing their boundaries and experiencing faster speeds. Here are the average speeds per activity for 2022

Racing Windsurfing: Fastest average activity at 32.91 kts (60.94 km/hour)

Cycling: 17.59 km/hour

Snowboarding: 15.27 km/hour

Windsurfing: 15.20 km/hour

Cross-Country Skiing: 9.17 km/hour

Whitewater: 5.89 km/hour

Flatwater: 4.92 km/hour

Heading into 2023

As we head into 2023, COROS has many new and exciting adventures we are working on. We strive to produce the best products possible as we know our athletes push their watches and bodies to the absolute limit. As we embark on this new year, we want to thank you all for continuing to be a part of the performance industry. As you take on your own challenges in 2023, we will be right there with you every step of the way!

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