COROS COACHES: Structured Workouts and Effort Accuracy

At COROS, we are continuously looking to improve your experience as a user as well as facilitate your training journey through easy-to-understand metrics and graphs. This is why we would like to dive into our Effort Accuracy during structured workouts as part of EvoLab!

What is Effort Accuracy?

Effort Accuracy measures how accurately a structured workout is followed according to the plan. You may have seen recently that now two values are attached to each structured workout. Let’s differentiate them below:

  • Completion Rate: This value relates to how closely the structured workout is completed as a whole including distance and intensity. For example, let’s say you had a 2-mile run at 8’00”-9’00″/mile. If you ran 2 miles but could only keep yourself within this pace zone for 80% of your time, you will then receive a Completion Rate of 90% (100% for distance, and 80% for intensity) for this given workout. Warm ups and cool downs are included in this equation.
Completion Rate as seen in the Calendar section in Training Hub

Effort Accuracy: This value on the other hand relates to the completion rate of each section for the structured workout. This metric provides an average % in the Summary section weighted differently depending on time of completion. Warm ups and cool downs are not included in this equation.

Effort Accuracy as seen in a given Activity Page in Training Hub

Why Is Effort Accuracy Relevant?

As coaches, Effort Accuracy becomes relevant for us to get a quick glimpse of how well you are able to follow your training plan, and give us potential signs of overreaching. As an athlete, you can utilize this metric to reflect on your workouts, what went wrong, and how you can make modifications to improve your training journey.

What Are the Benefits of Structured Workouts?

There are several reasons why you may benefit from adding structured workouts to your training journey. Let’s outline them below:

  • Effort Accuracy: As mentioned above, Effort Accuracy is a great metric to monitor during structured workouts to ensure how well you are completing workouts.
  • Predicted metrics: When planned into your calendar, structured workouts provide an estimate of both Base Fitness and Intensity Trend. In simple terms, you can see where you’d be at any given day assuming you complete those workouts flawlessly. This becomes a very useful feature to plan your training ahead and make sure you will not over-reach or under-train.
  • Personalized analysis: Within the activity page of a structured workout, the intensity chosen will be highlighted as seen in the picture below. This allows you to more easily analyze the workout and if and where you have been able to maintain the intensity prescribed.

Let’s talk warm-ups and cool downs!

We understand how individual those can be. This is why warm-ups and cool downs are not taken into consideration for EvoLab analysis. However, you are welcome to set your own duration and intensity target for those sections, or leave them as “open” to be mind-free as you complete the workout.

If you wish to get individualized insights from your own personal data, please feel free to send us a message through and we will be happy to help you in your training journey!

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