COROS Product Testing Program

To help us produce the highest quality products on the market, the COROS Product Testing Program is looking to recruit testers to help provide feedback, diagnose bugs/product-related issues, and work directly with internal stakeholders to ensure upon launch, products are working as flawlessly as possible. The COROS Product Testing Program will also be an opportunityContinue reading “COROS Product Testing Program”

APEX 2 vs. APEX 2 Pro

When looking at the APEX 2 series, these two watches share many similarities. However, they also have some key differences as shared below: APEX 2 & APEX 2 Pro Differences Satellite Systems: The APEX 2 comes with ability to connect to all five major satellite systems at one time with the “All Systems On” mode.Continue reading “APEX 2 vs. APEX 2 Pro”

POD 2: Foot vs Waist Wearing Location

The COROS POD 2 provides multiple advanced metrics to help you better understand your form and performance. While they are explained in further details in this article, you will find below an overview of the displayed metrics based on the POD 2 location. *Dual: Indicates that data inputs are coming from both your watch andContinue reading “POD 2: Foot vs Waist Wearing Location”

The Power of Dual Frequency GPS Tracking

On a daily basis, it may be difficult to identify the differences between standard and dual-frequency GPS tracking, however, when recording activities in the most challenging environments these differences become impossible to ignore.  In order to understand how big of an impact dual-frequency GPS technology can have on the accuracy of your activity measurements, it’sContinue reading “The Power of Dual Frequency GPS Tracking”

COROS APEX Battery Put to the Ultimate Test

“Wait, the battery lasts how long?” To answer this question, just ask COROS user Ben Godwin who recovered his watch from the bottom of a lake, still holding a 1% charge…37 days after he had lost it.  During a climbing trip at the Sooke Potholes in BC, Canada, Ben decided to take off his watchContinue reading “COROS APEX Battery Put to the Ultimate Test”

It’s Time to Ditch GPS Apps for Hiking and Climbing

“Why does your phone show that our hike was five miles and mine shows four miles? Last week my phone showed over 800ft more in how far we climbed, why are these so different?.“ If you’re a frequent hiker, rock or alpine climber who uses their phone to track activities, you’ve likely experienced situations similarContinue reading “It’s Time to Ditch GPS Apps for Hiking and Climbing”

5 Steps to Becoming a Smarter Athlete

There are countless questions an athlete will ask themselves throughout a season. Here are five items that all athletes should consider when making training and racing decisions. Are you recovered enough for your key workout? How long should your key intervals be? Should I run my 800’s today even though my fatigue numbers are high?Continue reading “5 Steps to Becoming a Smarter Athlete”

A Boatload of New Water Sports Features Coming to COROS

When we introduced our first GPS watch in 2018, we called it a Multisport watch. Multisport was code for Triathlon, and the PACE would be an amazing value with better battery life than any other triathlon watch on the market. As time went on, we started to take the multisport title at face value andContinue reading “A Boatload of New Water Sports Features Coming to COROS”