No Human is Limited and Explore Perfection

COROS matches with my ambition and my goal that is “Explore Perfection”. I am really happy to know that together we can move this world toward perfection. – Eliud Kipchoge The term “Sub 2” holds different meanings to different runners. To the high school middle-distance runner, it is a barrier for the 800-meter run –Continue reading “No Human is Limited and Explore Perfection”

From Starting Lines to the Front Lines

COROS GPS watch users are a diverse group, with talents, hobbies, and professions that expand far beyond their local running trails. Many including some of our professional athletes and ambassadors are first responders, who when Covid-19 hit and events were canceled left their usual place on race starting lines and headed straight to the frontContinue reading “From Starting Lines to the Front Lines”

COROS Has Launched the Most Powerful Watch Ever Built

On May 14th in our Tustin, California office, the COROS team had a first for the brand live product launch. In front of a live YouTube audience, the COROS management team along with Athletes Sally McRae and Tim Tollefson introduced the world to the all-new VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch. This is not just any run-of-the-millContinue reading “COROS Has Launched the Most Powerful Watch Ever Built”

Tim Tollefson Tests the VERTIX

Living in an alpine town with extreme weather conditions-annual snowfall can exceed 600 inches, temperatures range from negative 15 to low 90s, routine afternoon thunderstorms, high altitudes, and low humidity-it is not uncommon for products to fall short of their claimed performance values. Over the years we’ve had plenty of phones and watches fizzle outContinue reading “Tim Tollefson Tests the VERTIX”

Keeping a New Baby and Your Exercise Routine Alive

Realizing that running and parenting were going to take some work at mile 60 of the Angeles Crest 100 In August, I was the proud parent of a 2-week old baby girl, and I took on the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run. Despite my best intentions, fitness, and optimism, I learned the hard wayContinue reading “Keeping a New Baby and Your Exercise Routine Alive”