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What is firmware and why am I receiving a firmware update? 
COROS Feature Update
By definition, “Firmware is a type of software that is etched directly into a piece of hardware.” (via Techopedia). So what does this mean and what does it do?


Firmware is technically a piece of software, but one that is designed to run “behind the scenes” and not to be directly interacted with by users.


Whether talking about a phone, computer, or watch, one easy way to think of firmware is by imagining it as a set of instructions or machine language, stored on the physical hardware of a device.


Firmware Update COROS Watch Screen
What is the difference between software, firmware, and hardware?


The best way to describe the differences between these three terms is with an analogy. 


Hardware can be compared to the frame of a bike. No matter what changes are made surrounding the frame, this piece remains constant and is (relatively) unchangeable – similar to the hardware within a watch (battery, circuit board, barometer, etc.). 

Firmware in the case of this analogy would be all of the pieces directly attached to the frame of the bike. For example, the wheels, pedals, brakes, and more. These pieces are vital to the overall construction of the bike and can be changed if necessary, but likely are not changed often. 

Software on the other hand, would best be compared to the individual riding the bike. The person on the bike is responsible for actually making the bike move and can easily be replaced or changed with no direct impact to the bike itself.


Why am I receiving a firmware update?


At COROS, we strive to continue to add value to our products far past the point of purchase. A large piece of how we approach this is by continuing to add new firmware to our watches that allow new functionalities and features that help our watches, and users, perform even better.


Another important benefit of firmware updates is the ability to fix any major bugs or issues a product is experiencing. We believe that focusing on improving existing products not only leads to better user satisfaction but also greater longevity to a purchase if one chooses a COROS watch.


One example of a major firmware update to a COROS watch was when we created firmware for our APEX Pro and VERTIX watches that allowed for offline global maps to be installed and stored on the devices.


How do I know if my firmware is up-to-date?


To check for firmware updates, open the COROS app, then select the 4th tab to the right on the bottom to open your Device page.





Once you are on the device page you will be able to view any connected watches. You will see in the upper right-hand corner an icon that reads “Firmware Update”, if there is a new firmware available there will be a red dot notification and pop-up, stating that a new firmware is available. We always recommend updating to new firmware upon public release.



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