COROS Product Testing Program

To help us produce the highest quality products on the market, the COROS Product Testing Program is looking to recruit testers to help provide feedback, diagnose bugs/product-related issues, and work directly with internal stakeholders to ensure upon launch, products are working as flawlessly as possible. The COROS Product Testing Program will also be an opportunityContinue reading “COROS Product Testing Program”

Tips for Better Altitude Performance

“It is always better to start more conservative at altitude. Entering into your anaerobic capacity makes for a long day.” Have you raced at altitude and underperformed? Are you heading above 3,000 feet and wondering how to handle it? There are multiple tips and tricks that every athlete should know to make their altitude experienceContinue reading “Tips for Better Altitude Performance”

Why Should I Cross-Train?

“ By performing activities that are different from your traditional movements, you train your muscles while keeping your mind fresh“ Types of Cross-Training What is Cross-Training?  Cross-Training is the act of training in a manner that is different from your traditional sport. For example, runners who spend 9 months training for marathons may try cycling,Continue reading “Why Should I Cross-Train?”

Alice Wright 1 Hour Record: Analysis

“If your average half marathon runner and Alice were on a track at the same time, the amateur would get lapped every 1.25 laps”  When you go out for your threshold runs, how fast are you running? Can you maintain your threshold for 1 hour? What do your metrics say after?  Odds are that youContinue reading “Alice Wright 1 Hour Record: Analysis”

How To Prevent and Relieve Endurance-sport Burnout

“Typically, burnout is caused by excessive training volume and intensity without sufficient rest and recovery, the result of which is physical exhaustion.” As a rule, endurance-sport athletes (ESAs), whether running, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, cross-country skiers, mountain climbers, trekkers, or what-have-you, aren’t usually known for their reluctance to put in the hours of hard work necessaryContinue reading “How To Prevent and Relieve Endurance-sport Burnout”

Tapering For Your Key Event

“Some athletes take 3 days to taper, while others take 14. What is the right amount for you and your upcoming event?” Tapering is a common term used before an athletes peak event. “I am tapering for my upcoming marathon”. The question is, what does tapering mean and how does it help. Throughout this article,Continue reading “Tapering For Your Key Event”

Training Load: Your Metric For Success

“This is where the magic happens! Being able to predict your training load allows you to plan appropriately and maximize your peak“ How do you quantify your training? Do you know how to properly design your schedule? We need to discuss training load and why it’s one of the most important metrics for any athlete.Continue reading “Training Load: Your Metric For Success”