COROS Product Testing Program

To help us produce the highest quality products on the market, the COROS Product Testing Program is looking to recruit testers to help provide feedback, diagnose bugs/product-related issues, and work directly with internal stakeholders to ensure upon launch, products are working as flawlessly as possible.

The COROS Product Testing Program will also be an opportunity for users across the globe to participate as a part of the brand and have a direct influence on COROS products with insight into pre-released software, firmware, and hardware.


  • Early access to products
  • Opportunities to participate in high-level testing projects
  • Direct feedback and communication with the COROS product team
  • Opportunity for exclusive COROS gifts
  • Included in the COROS Testing Program newsletter with updates and conversation topics regarding future plans

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Who can participate?

The COROS Product Testing Program is open to anyone with a COROS product who agrees to the terms and conditions of the program within the sign-up process.

I’ve applied to the COROS Product Testing Program, now what?

Applying to the COROS Product Testing Program will add your contact information to our Product Testing contact list. We will then reach out to selected testers based on numerous factors, including but not limited to; geographic location, device(s) available for testing, time available to dedicate to testing, and more.

Is the information and/or products I receive confidential?

The information you receive via email, app updates, firmware updates, or communication of any kind from COROS while you are a Product Tester is confidential. Do not share files, visual assets, or posts containing this information publicly or it will result in the termination of your participation in the testing program. Do not share information with other individuals who are not in the Product Testing Program. Once information is made publicly available from COROS Official Media (Press Release, Email, Social Media Posts, etc.) it will no longer be considered confidential information.

COROS Product Testing Agreement

Applicants need to agree to the NDA listed below to be considered for the COROS Product Testing Program. This includes but is not limited to: accessing personal data to help improve products or promoting new features.

COROS Product Testing Program NDA

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  1. I signed up for corostesting. You need women who are not professional runners but compete in races. In my running group i have been pitching coros to fellow runners .

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