APEX 2 vs. APEX 2 Pro

When looking at the APEX 2 series, these two watches share many similarities. However, they also have some key differences as shared below:

APEX 2 & APEX 2 Pro Differences

Satellite Systems:

The APEX 2 comes with ability to connect to all five major satellite systems at one time with the “All Systems On” mode. The APEX 2 Pro also adds the ability for Dual-Frequency Satellite communication, the most powerful and accurate satellite mode available.


One of the most notable differences between the APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro are the screen sizes. The APEX 2 Pro has a larger screen, measuring in at (1.3”) while the APEX 2 measures (1.2”) which comes with a higher display resolution.

In addition, the APEX 2 Pro has a 22mm wide band while the APEX 2 has a 20mm wide band using a quick-release pin system.

Activity Modes:

The APEX 2 Pro comes with Multi-Pitch Climbing Activity Mode. This will automatically change the watch satellite settings to “Dual Frequency” for the highest degree of accuracy, even when scaling sheer walls.

Battery Life:

The APEX 2 comes with a battery life of 45 hours in Standard GPS mode. The APEX 2 Pro packs 75 hours in standard GPS.

Onboard Storage:

With the larger hardware casing also comes larger on-board storage of 32GB for the APEX 2 Pro, meanwhile the APEX 2 still holds up to 8GB for any offline music or mapping needs.

While those are the main differences, the APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro come with interesting new or well-appreciated features that will assist you in reaching new levels of exploration.

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