POD 2: Treadmill Accuracy Vs Other Brands

Tired of running on a treadmill and not getting reliable data? Your days of bad data are over with the all-new COROS POD 2!

With accurate pace and distance indoors, the POD 2 now becomes a reliable asset during your treadmill workouts. Additional advanced metrics are also displayed for the athlete looking to fine-tune their form! For an in-depth review regarding the indoor accuracy of the POD 2, see below!

COROS vs Other Brands

When running on a treadmill, accurate data is key. Below you’ll find data from a 9-mile indoor run where we tested the POD 2 + COROS watch vs two other leading GPS watch brands. Not only does the POD 2 give a near-perfect distance, it also provides very consistent pace data compared to other brands on a treadmill.

As an athlete, this data is important to ensure you’re training the proper distances and efforts for your upcoming season. If your data is off, your training will be as well.

9-Mile Indoor Run Test


Total Distance: 9.05 miles (14.56km)

Pace: 6:53/mile (4:06/km)

Other GPS Watch Brand #1:

Total Distance: 8.06 miles (12.97 km)

Pace: 7:03/mile (4:37/km)

Other GPS Watch Brand #2:

Total Distance: 11.46 miles (18.44km)

Pace: 5:09/mile (3:16/km)

Distance Discrepancy In Your Training
Mileage difference between devices for a athlete running ~36miles (58km) per week during off-season

When running with false data, athletes will either push themselves too far, or have a false sense of ability. When looking at the above test, if we extrapolate this data over the course of a winter season, we begin to see large changes in athletes training. For the purpose of this graph, we assume the athlete is running 36 miles/week or just shy of 60 kilometers/week.

Watch Brand #1: The athlete runs 200 less kilometers than they would with the POD 2. Aiming to make up this distance is what could lead to overtraining or potential overuse injury.

Watch Brand #2: The athlete runs 400 kilometers more than they would with the POD 2. This can leave the athlete with a false sense of ability, especially heading into longer distance events.

Training Proper Intensity Zones

As an athlete, we aim to train zones that are specific to our race demands. Aerobic Capacity (VO2) for 5k, Threshold for 10k, Aerobic Power for 13.1 and Aerobic Endurance for 26.2. When training indoors, pace data on your watch logs your training load and amount of stress you’re putting on your body. With false data, we allow ourselves to think we can train more than we should, or perhaps less than what is needed.

Watch Brand #1 This watch has the athlete running slower than what is actually taking place. Two issues can arise from this. First, they can push themselves harder than they should and train their wrong physiological systems. The second issue is that the fatigue from each workout will be less than reality and the athlete will put themselves at risk of not recovering properly.

Watch Brand #2 This watch has the athlete running faster than reality. Imagine going to your next 5k thinking you’re going to run 20 minutes, but you end up with a 22:30. Never having put your body under the appropriate level of stress for your goals can become frustrating and leave you questioning everything. Accurate data is important to ensure you’re training properly for your goals.

More Than Just Pace and Distance on a Treadmill

In addition to accurate distance and pace, the POD 2 displays advanced running metrics to help you better understand your run gait. This data provides valuable insight to work on running economy during the off-season, strengthen your form, and prevent injury.

This Winter, pair your COROS watch with a POD 2 to ensure you are on track for your 2023 goals. If you’re putting in the time to train, be sure to have the data that you need!

For more information on what these metrics are, along with guidelines on how to improve, visit our Metrics for Performance blog!

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  1. Does the Coros Pod 2 capture real time Treadmill Incline and Decline and provide total altitude etc.

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