LA Marathon Training Guide

Running the LA Marathon and looking for guidance? You have come to the right place. Between COROS official training plans, LARR official plans, and COROS coaching corner, we’ve got you covered! Let us do the planning for you while you focus on training.

All training plans have been designed to load directly into your Training Hub library, and then directly onto your watch. The COROS coaching corner has availability for both email and phone help! See below for more information.

COROS Official Training Plans

Download COROS official 12-week marathon plans based on your intended finishing time. These plans will build your running volume while helping you pace at specific efforts. The faster the plan, the more intensity throughout! Athletes should have a base volume of 30 miles (45-50km) per week before starting!

4:00-4:30 12-Week Marathon Plan

3:15-3:35 12-Week Marathon Plan

2:45-3:00 12-Week Marathon Plan

LA Road Runner Plans

Training Plans shortened to 12-weeks so COROS athletes can load them into their training hub and follow along! If you have been tracking these plans already through the LARR PDF, download it to your watch for ease of use!

L1 12-Week Marathon Plan

L2 12-Week Marathon Plan

L3 12-Week Marathon Plan

L4 12-Week Marathon Plan

L5 12-Week Marathon Plan

COROS Coaching Corner

For many reasons, not all athletes want to hire a coach. While a coach may not be available to them privately, that doesn’t mean questions may not arise that need answering. Questions such as: What should my fatigue be at prior to race day? If I was sick last week, what should I do this week? Why is my threshold getting slower as I run longer?

There are many questions you may have on your journey to the LA Marathon. Let our three qualified coaches answer your questions and help guide you on your path to success!

Process to Submit Training Questions

#1 Click here to sync your data to the coaches training hub account

#2 schedule your 30 minute call or send your training question to

Athletes should expect to receive answers to their questions within one day of normal business hours (M-F 9-5PM Pacific)

*Must be a COROS user as our coaches will look at your COROS Training Hub data to provide personalized insights.

Who is Helping You with Your Coaching Questions?

Coach David: David is a multiple time finisher of the LA Marathon, an expert on the course, with an all time marathon best of 2:29. The LA Marathon can be a serious challenge, but with David’s years of coaching, training, and racing experience right here in LA, backed by the sports science department and insights that COROS has to offer, he can help put you in the best position possible to have a successful marathon.

Coach Derek: Having 10+ years of coaching with data experience, Derek has coached 25+ national champions in the sports of Track, XC, Triathlon, and Cycling. Derek obtained his Masters Degree in Coaching Sports Performance from Western Michigan University and now manages Sports Science Marketing at COROS.

Coach Tristan: Tristan is an exercise physiologist with a Strength & Conditioning background at Olympic Team Canada. Currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from University of Calgary, Tristan now has extensive knowledge of physiology components of exercise prescription for endurance sports such as running and cycling.

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