Des Linden Sets New 50k World Record

Congratulations are in order for COROS Pro Athlete Des Linden on setting a new 50k World Record on Tuesday, April 13th in Oregon. Des with her COROS APEX 42mm crushed the 31+ mile course in a mind-blowing time of 2:59:54 – truly an amazing accomplishment.

Now take a peek at all of the amazing data from her record-breaking run which Des was kind enough to share. From mile splits to cadence and even running power – take a look!

Des covered the 50km yesterday in 2:59:54 (apparently, she was a little too excited to stop her watch at the exact finish). That’s an average pace per mile of 5’47” with a fastest mile of 5’33”.

Her cadence was very stable with an average of 194 per minute. The average stride length was 4.72 ft, impressive!

Des had an average power output of 216 watts with her max power at 249 watts. This course was not flat – 636 ft of elevation gain mostly from 2 big climbs is pretty challenging, but then again she did conquer heart break hill in 2018 so climbs are nothing new for Des.

Last but not least, take a look at her run per mile split to get an idea of how her run was broken down.

So why is the APEX 42mm Des’ COROS watch of choice?

For starters, it’s designed for light and fast athletes with route navigation and checkpoint features supported with 24 days of regular battery life and 25 hours in full GPS mode.

APEX comes with interval, structured, triathlon and strength training modes with training programs and plans created by COROS.

Built-in running power metrics from the wrist plus native and complete integration with Stryd power meters.

Features running, cycling, swimming, cardio, strength and water sports modes with ongoing support and updates.

And last but not least, the APEX is built with a stainless steel bezel and a sapphire glass screen and also includes optical heart rate monitor, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and thermometer with 24/7 HR monitoring, sleep, step and calorie tracking.

Safe to say, the APEX is Des’ workhorse training tool.

Everyone at COROS and the entire running community is extremely proud of you. Now go enjoy a rest day!

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