Emily Infeld

This weeks COROS Pro Athlete highlight is Emily Infeld. We caught up with Emily while she was training at altitude in Park City, Utah.

Emily is an NCAA Champion, 11 time All- American, and led the Georgetown University Women to their first ever NCAA XC Championship win in 2011. In 2015, she was the World Bronze Medalist in the 10k (her first International track team and third ever 10k); and has represented the USA at 3 World Championships and the 2016 Olympics.

When asked how she would like to “Pave The Way” for female athletes around the world, here is what she had to say:

“I hope to inspire young female athletes to be themselves. Throughout my time as an athlete I have always been told I don’t look like what one expects a distance runner to look like and I hate that rhetoric. We are all different, no body is the same and there should not be one specific look. My body has changed from high school to college to professional. I have looked different after injuries and surgeries than when I am in heavy training at altitude and all of that is ok. What is most important is to be happy and healthy. I want to encourage young woman to focus on health and happiness first and foremost. To love the competitive nature of the sport. I also want to remind young female athletes that injury happens and we can get through it stronger. After 7 stress injuries and a hip surgery in 9 years as a professional runner, I believe if you still have a will to compete you will be able to overcome any obstacle.” – Emily

Keep grinding Emily!

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