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Tommy Caldwell’s first summit was quite possibly at the age of three when his parents took him to the top of Twin Owls outside of their hometown of Estes Park, CO. It was all “uphill” from there.

Growing up, Tommy’s family took annual trips to Yosemite where he was introduced to the huge granite walls and endless opportunities for adventure that Yosemite Valley had to offer. Then and there, a deep love for climbing and mountains was formed. 

Since then, a lot has changed but the love for climbing remains. Tommy navigated his way through a highly successful competitive sport climbing career, which naturally evolved into big wall climbing where Tommy has established himself as one of the finest trad, speed and free climbers in the world. 


Over the years, Tommy has made several first free ascents in Yosemite earning himself the nickname, King of El Cap. On June 6, 2018, Tommy, along with climbing partner, Alex Honnold set The Nose speed record on El Capitan in 01:58:07 and of course, the first ascent of the Dawn Wall in January 2015, which will go down as one of the most unbelievable accomplishments in the history of climbing. 

Climbing has taken Tommy around the world and back. From completing the Fitz Traverse in Patagonia to being held captive by rebel soldiers while climbing in Kyrgyzstan, it’s safe to say the sport of climbing has instilled an unmatched determination that has pushed him to be highly successful in not only the climbing community but also as an entrepreneur and family man. That same determination drove him through adversity when he lost much of his index finger in an accident at home. Rather than giving up, this misfortune fueled the fire and pushed him to be an even better climber. A true testament to his fighting spirit that has gotten him to where he is today. 

Very few world-class athletes are capable of maintaining such a balanced life, which leads us to the fact that Tommy Caldwell is much more than an elite athlete, Tommy is a personality, a leader and a force for good. With much of his time now focused on environmental activism. Working alongside organizations like Protect Our Winters, Access Fund, the American Alpine Club, Tommy is leading the charge protecting our planet. Tommy does on average 50-60 events per year that are dedicated to environmental advocacy. 

“As a climber and a father, I’m seeing the impacts of climate change firsthand and feel the need to do everything in my power to protect my children’s future,” Tommy said.


Tommy is definitely a living legend who has structured his day-to-day to allow him to live a well rounded life. Like COROS, Tommy is Exploring Perfection in all things; athletic training, entrepreneurship, environmental activism and spending quality time with family and friends. There is no better person than Tommy to exemplify the ethos of the COROS brand. Together we hope to inspire others to push themselves to new heights. 

Welcome to the COROS team, Tommy! 

Darian Allberry
Darian Allberry

Darian is our Community Engagement Manager at COROS. Having worked in the wearable tech industry for a number of years, he enjoys putting our watches to the test on his own adventures. Darian is focused on helping users understand how to use their COROS watches to maximize their training and life.

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