COROS X Ali On The Run

I stopped running with a watch a few years ago. I had developed an unhealthy relationship to all those numbers and all that data, and I needed a break. So I took one. And now, I can happily say that my relationship with running is better than ever. So solid, in fact, that I’m back to wanting to run with a watch. And I’m so glad I found COROS. Having been out of the GPS watch game for a while, I needed a little hand-holding when it came time to get reacquainted…And with COROS I barely needed it. Getting my watch set up and synched was so easy (so easy, Ali on the Run can do it!), and it doesn’t feel like a bother on my wrist. It’s light and comfortable, it doesn’t distract me from my running, and, best of all, I’m running personal bests and feeling great on the run. Win win win!


Use code ONTHERUN upon checkout for a free COROS Keychain Charger with the purchase of any watch.

(Add the Keychain Charger to your cart before applying code)

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